Uncovering Legal Online Sportsbooks Supporting US Players

Legal online sportsbooks provide a viable and enjoyable way for US sports fans to place wagers on their favorite teams. And since most states in the USA do not provide their residents with legal online sports betting options that are regulated in-state, these legitimate non-US offshore sites which deliver web access night and day fill a very real need in the marketplace. Some governments located in Canada, the UK and elsewhere have legalized and regulated online sports betting. They painstakingly license and certify only qualifying virtual bookmakers to offer sports event wagering options through legal online sportsbooks. This allows anyone from the United States, or around the world for that matter, to place a side, totals, money line or parlay bet on all the major national and international sports leagues, and several minor sports as well.

Most Recommended Online Sportsbook Accepting USA Players

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Bovada Is Our Most Recommended Legally Licensed Sportsbook Visit Site
Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada is our #1 highest rated sportsbook accepting USA players. They are in a class of their own when it comes to trust and reputation. What was once called Bodog, Bovada was created in 2007 for the sole purpose of servicing their U.S. clients. Here is why players love playing at Bovada.

- All USA Players Accepted
- Best Lines Available
- World Class Customer Support
- Offers Casino, Poker and Sports Betting
- Easy Credit Card Approvals

Top US Online Sports Betting sites

We only list the top rated 5 star sportsbooks which is why we only recommend 3. We feel strongly that players should play at the absolute most trusted USA online sportsbooks and leave the rest alone. There are plenty of other options, but trust me you will experience huge payout delays, terrible customer support ect.... For me personally, if I am going to bet my hard earned money, it's going to be through the most reputable bookmakers available where I know I can collect my winnings without problems, and collect them fast.

Sportsbook Bonus Rating Visit Review
Bovada Sportsbook 50% Max $250 5 Star Rating Visit Review
Betonline Sportsbook 25% Max $900 - On All Reloads 5 Star Rating Visit Review
Bookmaker 15% Max $2500 5 Star Rating Visit Review

Where We Stand With Legal Online Sports Betting In The United States

Is online sports betting legal in the US? What is the UIGEA, the Federal Wire Act and Paspa? All of these are common questions we hear from players trying to make heads or tails out of the legal aspects pertaining to betting on sports as a USA player. We have a complete US online sports betting laws page that discusses the most important aspects surrounding USA online sports betting. Or you can visit the link above which in my opinion is an excellent resource to gather information about the legalities on all types of gambling in the United States.

Legitimate Licensing Points The Way

The process is simple. To make sure you are frequenting only legal online sportsbooks, you need to understand where an Internet bookmaker is licensed. As long as it is in a legitimate and industry recognized locale, you are good to go. Fortunately for you, we are rabid sports fans as well. Over the years, acting first as sports bettors and then as experienced Internet gambling industry consultants, we have discovered those top rated websites which offer action on the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA, NCAAF and NCAAB sporting events. We have also uncovered legitimate and reliable Internet destinations where you can place wagers on other sports like cricket, motor sports, tennis, darts, horse racing, international football (soccer), the Olympics and a host of other offerings.

The Top Online Sportsbooks Pay You To Play

One of the biggest benefits of these established and legal online sportsbooks is the competitive nature under which they operate. The top sites understand that you can choose to go anywhere. So they fight tirelessly for your business. This makes an excellent situation for you, the customer. Unlike brick-and-mortar sports betting destinations, virtual bookmakers actually pay you bonus money when you open and fund an account with them. For instance, at the most reliable Internet bookmakers we have reviewed and recommend, you can expect anywhere from 25% to 50% added to your initial deposit. If you deposit $100 so you can bet on your favorite NFL team, you can expect an additional $25 - $50 to instantly hit your account. And the sites where we ourselves hold open accounts (the same ones you see recommended here) also offer ongoing special promotions and incentives.

Mobile Sports Betting Options Available For US Players

In recent years, there have been a couple of innovations which make betting sports online even more enjoyable. As more and more web surfers hit mobile devices like their smartphones and tablets to access the Internet, mobile sports betting has exploded. Special technology actually runs a diagnostic of your mobile display when you access an online sportsbook from your desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. It then delivers a user interface and control panel perfectly fitted to the display you happen to be using. This happens automatically, and is a common feature to all of the Internet sportsbooks we recommend. All major operating systems are supported, like iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows. Also, exciting live in-game betting has arrived on the scene.

Placing Bets While The Game Is Being Played

Legal online sportsbooks offering live betting on sports is the equivalent of sitting next to a legitimate bookmaker while you are attending your favorite sporting event. You can place wagers on who the next person or team is to score, make first-quarter, half-time and third-quarter bets, offensive and defensive propositions are offered, and a time of other outcomes can be wagered on, simultaneous to watching the game during live play. Free bonus deposit money, mobile friendly technology, 24/7/365 access from any Internet connection and legally licensed sportsbooks that truly care about your business are what you receive when you access any of the legal online sportsbooks you see listed here on our site. (You may just even see us at the virtual betting window.)